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Although it might be a more difficult task for some than others, remember that snakes are also worthy of protection and your first instinct does not have to be fear.

  1. The first and best recommendation when you come across a snake is to leave them alone to find its own way out of your property in its own time. Snakes usually do not attack unless they are provoked. Keep your distance and help them to find their way out by clearing any obstacles in their way.

  2. If the above is not possible, the next step would be to seek assistance from someone who has snake-handling experience.

If you find yourself in a similar situation on Mabalingwe reserve you are welcome to contact our reception at
014 001 7010 to get help from our trained guides.


Keep an eye on its movement if you are waiting for the snake to go its own way or for someone to assist you.


If the snake is immobile, you can slowly place an upside-down bucket or box over it to keep it from going anywhere. You can also barricade an area off with boards or boxes to restrict its movement while you wait for assistance.


Something similar to a broom can also be used to create a safe distance between you and the snake to guide them outside or sweep them into a container. This is only recommended for someone with experience in snake handling who will usually have a snake catching thong with them and the correct personal protective equipment. 


Snakes like to hide in cool, damp, and dark places. A clean area with short grass and no clutter is some of the best ways to prevent a snake from being in your territory. Food sources like rodents and birds also make your property more appealing to snakes.

Steps to follow in case of a snake bite incident.

Remember, safety first and although photographs/identification of the snake can be beneficial, it is still possible to get the correct antivenom without it.

  1. Move the snakebite victim to safety.

  2. Stay calm. Fear can speed up the spread of venom.

  3. Call the emergency services.

Emergency contact numbers

Provincial ambulance: 10177/112

Netcare991: 082911

ER24: 084124

South African Police Service: 10111

4.  Circle the site of the bite with a pen and write the time of the bite next to it. By doing this you can document the progression of swelling.

Well known snake species which can occur in Limpopo

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