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We offer a wide variety of activities including game drives, horseback safaris, predator feedings and private drives/feedings on request. For more information about the times, rates and availability, please contact our call center and reserve your booking.

What to Expect From our Activities

Our rangers will make each activity their own and they encourage conversation and any questions you may have. You can expect to learn anything from how to track animals, interesting and unusual facts about our wildlife, information about habitats and ecosystems, and the occasional inspirational story. Rangers are always in contact with one another to share sightings on our most popular game to ensure guests have the best possible chance of spotting one of the big five, and sharing in an unique and unforgettable experience.

What to bring

We offer the option to book drinks and snacks from our shop, or feel free to bring your own refreshments. Binoculars for viewing smaller or more distant wildlife, especially birds do come in handy. A camera or cell phone is a must when capturing picture-perfect memories of your activity. Clothing is determined by the weather, but it is advisable to wear sunblock or a hat during daytime activities. We do provide blankets during the chilly winter months, but don’t forget to bring a jacket. Our vehicles are stocked with a first aid kit, but we do advise guests to bring any important medication.

What animals can you expect to see

We are a big five reserve and chances are good to spot at least one of the five during your stay.  We have various species of antelope, reptiles, general mammal species big and small, and over 200 species of birds. Although we have free roaming leopards, their evasive movements and mainly nocturnal habits make it difficult to spot them. That is where night drives are the perfect activity where you can experience other nocturnal animals like the hyena, jackal, African wild cat, caracal, genet, porcupine and bush pig.

A few things to remember

It is important to have realistic expectations before going on any activity. Our game reserve is 8800 hectares and wildlife is spread over vast areas within the reserve. Patience is key and the ranger will try their best to create an amazing experience by spotting as many game as possible. If you are a keen photographer or planning on asking the big question, we suggest booking a private drive and our guides will do their best to cater for the occasion. Our most important goal is to conserve our wildlife and natural habitats. Our activities play an important role in educating people and encouraging them to protect, conserve and share in our passion. We do have one rule for all activities and that is to listen to the ranger and follow his/her advice at all times. Wildlife should always be treated with respect and although most animals are used to seeing vehicles, horses, and people, they remain wild and unpredictable.


A game drive is a perfect way to experience the unfiltered beauty of the bushveld and to see the wildlife in its natural habitat. Our game drives are two hours long and guided by our trained rangers who are familiar with the area and the animals’ whereabouts. Game drives take place in open-sided game-drive vehicles with space for up to 10 or 20 people. Different species are active during different times of the day, no matter if you are a night owl or early bird, there will always be wildlife waiting for you on your next adventure.

Who can go on a game drive? Game drives are open to everyone and appropriate for all ages.



Do you want to experience wildlife in a more personal and uninterrupted way? Horse riding might be the perfect activity for you. Each trail ride offers a unique experience and our rangers encourage questions to learn more about the wildlife one might encounter on the ride. You have the advantage of exploring sightings that game-drive vehicles can not reach. Some wildlife will allow you to ride close by such as herds of zebra, giraffe, and antelope. You are welcome to bring a healthy snack for your horse as a thank you.

Who can go on a horse ride?
We welcome beginners to advanced riders, who will be accompanied by a ranger who knows the area. You can book as a family, group or individual. Riding schedules can be adapted according to the group’s requirements but we offer rides throughout the day, every day. We have special kiddies rides for children under 12. To prevent injury to our horses or guests, we have a weight limit of 90 kg.

What to wear?
We provide a mandatory riding helmet upon your arrival and your horse will be saddled up to go. It is recommended to wear long pants and closed shoes. Our rangers will try their best to match the perfect horse to your riding style and capabilities.



The Predator Park offers you a chance to see how amazing and powerful different predators can be. This experience is quite different from just reading or hearing about them. With the predator feed you will gain insight and perspective on predators, their behaviour and the challenges some of these endangered species face. We have more than ten different species and are proud to walk through every one to educate people on their unique personalities, behaviour and where they come from. Our guides are passionate about making you feel welcome, giving an unforgettable experience and educating you on how we can conserve and protect these amazing animals.

Who can come?
We welcome everyone of all ages. Children are advised to always be accompanied by their parents. We offer free guided tours to any school groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays as children are the conservationists of the future.

What to expect?
As you arrive at the gate of the predator park, parking will be provided and everyone will meet at the waiting area. Group sizes can vary with each feeding but you are also welcome to book a private feeding. You can expect some uneven terrain as you walk through the park, but our paths are clearly marked and guided by our rangers. We will be sure to answer all your questions and we encourage you to interact with the guides. The feed starts early in the morning and is usually between one to two hours long.



If you would like to get involved and contribute to our non-profit, Boschpoort Predators

Boschpoort Predators is a non-profit company and all contributions made go towards the conservation of our animals in the predator park.

We appreciate every donation made no matter how big or small!

Boschpoort Predators (Reg no: 2021/448517/08) is a non-profit company and Public Benefit Organization (PBO no: 930077819) and all contributions made go towards the conservation of our animals in the predator park. 

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