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    Boschpoort Safaris believes in ethical hunting and culling practices as part of conservation and to aid in the game management plan of the greater Mabalingwe. Our game are free-roaming established herds that have been on Mabalingwe for over 20 years.

    January 2023

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    After Frikkie & Numandi Botes saved a 12-week-old Spotted Hyena cub (who they named Rafiki) from the illicit pet trade in 2015, Project Rafiki was started. They immediately realised that there is a lot to learn about these magnificent creatures when they raised Rafiki.

    13 April 2023

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    Join Mabalingwe Game Reserve with Ingwe Leopard Research’s nation-wide leopard monitoring project and submit your photographs of leopards. Funded by the On Track foundation, this project was started to collect your photographs that hold crucial information

    09 February 2023

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    About Us

    Where did it all Begin

    A dream that started off on a maize and game farm named Boschpoort, belonging to the Wessels family, below the beautiful Waterberg mountain range of just over 2 000 ha, later became the internationally well-known Mabalingwe Game Reserve famous for its Big Five game.

    Boschpoort remained a maize and game farm from 1972 to 1986 until the realization of the reserve started in 1987 when Basie Wessels (who passed away in a tragic plane crash on the reserve in 2008) decided to develop Boschpoort into a holiday resort. On 10 March 1989 the first five chalets were completed.

    Basie’s son Hannes, an architect and now business owner, developer and game farmer by profession, moved back to the Reserve in 1994 and continued to develop the now known Mabalingwe alongside his father. During this time Mabalingwe has grown to over 8 800 hectares.

    Today almost all family members are involved on the reserve.

    In 1989 hippos, white rhinos and sable antelope were introduced to the reserve. In 1996 a herd of elephants were rescued from the Kruger National Park and brought to Mabalingwe. In 1999 a buffalo breeding project was started in Hoedspruit where disease-free buffalo were bred and later also introduced to the reserve. Lions were introduced in 2000 and slowly but surely the reserve grew to more than 40 different mammal species and 220 bird species.

    The more our passion grew for Mabalingwe, the more our passion grew for the animals that inhabit the beautiful reserve. Boschpoort Safaris was registered in 2012 as a company that solely focuses on the management and conservation of wildlife in the greater Mabalingwe on behalf of Ludum game consortium.

    Game Drives

    A game drive is the perfect way to experience the unfiltered beauty of the bushveld and to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Our game drives are two hours long and guided by our trained rangers who...

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    Horse Riding

    Do you want to experience wildlife in a more personal and uninterrupted way? Horse riding might be the perfect activity for you. Each trail ride offers a unique experience and our rangers encourage questions...

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    Predator Park

    The Predator Park offers you a chance to see how amazing and powerful different predators can be. This experience is quite different from just reading or hearing about them. With the predator park tour you will gain insight...

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    Our vision for the future

    Since the development of the Predator Park, we became more aware of the issues regarding conservation and wildlife than ever before. We came face to face with the realities of the bone trade and canned hunting, dealt with cases of animal cruelty like illegal snaring and grew more concerned about the different endangered species and how we can get involved.

    We would like to be part of a community of farms and game reserves that supports conservation and want to make a significant impact on the future of our wildlife. We welcome collaboration efforts and would like to get feedback from anyone interested in our journey.


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