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Orange Bengal Tiger

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2018

Conservation Status: Endangered

My Story

Tiggy was hand raised as a pet in Centurion, Gauteng in someone’s backyard .

Tigers have similar traits to house cats and people do not realize their power and strength until they get bigger or an incident occurs.

At 14 months old, Tiggy became too dangerous for his previous owners and was advertised. We were contacted and took Tiggy in.

Bengal tigers are classified as exotic species in South Africa and because of his human imprint, he cannot be released into the wild. The reality of Bengal tigers is that they are endangered by human activities to the extent that you will find more in captivity in South Africa than in India and surrounding countries. We hope that one day we can release Tiggy’s offspring back to their land of origin and that Tiggy’s story will not be forgotten.

Tiggy is a lovable vocal tiger who tells the story of his second chance by making his signature chuff sound every time you see him.


Mabalingwe Game Reserve, R516 Thabazimbi Road, Bela- Bela, Limpopo


014 736 9000
014 001 7010


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