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Nile Crocodile

Gender: Male

Birth Year: Estimated 2015

Conservation Status: Least Concern

My Story

On 26 August 2022, we had an amazing day releasing Micra back into the wild and giving him a second chance. 

As the name suggests, Micra arrived inside the boot of a Nissan Micra. One of our employees found him on the side of a regional road, close to fast moving traffic, far away from his natural habitat under unknown circumstances.

We cared for Micra in a controlled camp so that he could regain his strength. Micra spent three years at our predator park helping us to educate visitors about these wonderful animals and what they sometimes go through. We were happy with his recovery progress and made the decision to show him his new home on the Mabalingwe Reserve in Gorcum dam. 

We wish Micra all the best and that he can continue spending his days like any other croc, basking in the sun, occasionally floating around, and well… doing nothing, which is a good sign in the world of crocodiles.

Micra is one of our first release stories and we hope for many more to come!


Mabalingwe Game Reserve, R516 Thabazimbi Road, Bela- Bela, Limpopo


014 736 9000
014 001 7010


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